TALE TUESDAY #6 – What are we?

​Before we start, I would like to announce that the form of Tale Tuesday changes from now on. A new post will appear every other week on Ko-Fi and will be reposted a week after on the website on Tuesdays. Thank you and sorry for the inconvinience if you were really interested in the series so often!

The prototype was finally going well, we’ve worked a lot to prepare the basic version of the game. The progress was made and we’ve been on the right track. Weeks were passing and soon, we would have to finally announce our presence and the plans.
Preparations have started.

We had our image planned out for quite some time at this point. A great friend of one of the developers, Devan, agreed to help us create a desired image and presence. He helped set up the beginning of what Iguana Mercenary and its goals became. This way, we really helped ourselves in finding the right mindset. On series of meetings we did, we have found out that we want to be creative, thought provoking, self-aware, passionate, caring and listening to the community. As the sentence formed during the meetings says: “Iguana Mercenary provides video games to passionate customers in a quality environment with an integrative value, helping them feel like they belong and are entertained with a surprising thought provoking factor”.
Maybe not everything went as we expected, but everyone learns on their mistakes – one way or the other.

We definitely had many issues in the past, quite a lot of them comine from the lack of experience and general lack of knowledge in the field. Afterall, we’re just passionate developers, that treat it as fun hobby. We wanted to provide the games we’ve always wanted in a way we’ve always wanted, against the mainstream ideas of monetization.
All the thoughts were definitely there, often somewhat hidden behind the hype coming from a lot of small things, such as logo creation.

Speaking of the logo – Iguana Mercenary went through a long process there, but it was for the better. We ensured that we’ll be received as we want it to be. However, it’s interesting to look back at what could’ve been our actual logo!

As you can probably imagine, the current logo was created from the one that’s on the left. It was a long and exciting journey. Thanks Devan!

We had logo, we had goals. We only needed to get some more publicity and recognition.
That was definitely the toughest part.
We could’ve done more to expand as far as possible, however we still did a fair bit in it. It just wasn’t very intense, we didn’t really pick up the speed. Now it seems like we didn’t care that much. People came by themselves, but there weren’t many. Slow and steady growth still seemed enough. We surely wish to bring as many people as possible together by our games, but we know that we cannot force it and we should let it follow naturally. The publicity was certainly huge in the first days, right after the announcement in December. Later on, it got to its slow flow.

The announcement day itself was very interesting and simply amazing. We felt awesome, knowing our work will finally see the daylight. Excitement set in and so did great mood, we’ve worked a lot during that time.

But, we weren’t really prepared for the upcoming issues. We forgot, that delays, some design flaws and lack of free time might actually come for us in the long run. But we’ll look into it another time!

To be continued…

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