DEV FRIDAY #18 – Sierra Update Snippet 2

Hello everyone!
Today we’re sharing further one of the last updates for the game – the Sierra Update! The West is massive and so is Sierra Nevada. There are so many places to end up in and so much to discover.. maybe you should give it a try and discover more?

In this update we are focusing on developing the maps and terrains, bringing more variety into the choices of environment. New kinds of maps as well as more of the maps themselves will be released. It also includes our today’s guests…
Welcome Arid map in Sierra Nevada!

Arid map is a very dry variation of the Sierra. Its almost desert-like looks scares a lot of people, but they will attract the real travellers ready for the extreme conditions. Any who are brave enough to settle and manage the town there should be feared.
Arid region has no natural forests and the only source of Wood are the occasional, local Deadbushes. Sawmills cannot be constructed. Water is quite uncommon, especially in the form of rivers. Arid map has a completely new type of tile called Cliffs. Cliffs act similarly to Mountains. A Quarry improvement can be constructed on the side of a Cliff to gather Rocks.
Due to the lack of natural forests and little water, it can get quite tough to play on Arid map.

The first Arid map introduced to the game is Mills Creek.
Mills Creek is an Arid map with large, extensive mountains chains separated from each other by wid valleys filled with dead bushes and rocks. Occasional, bigger lakes happen, however they’re quite uncommon. Cliffs are often found among the outside of the mountains chains, together with the hills. Valleys are probably the best place to settle down.
Certain spots on the map are covered a little more dense with extended hills, however the majority is still in one line with the mountains chain. Very clear border in between the regions is visible.

The map definitely brings a strict variety in the region and forces player to migrate to a given land strip for certain actions. Every move has to be planned carefully and in a given area. It could definitely post a challenge and needs some experience to lead it in such conditions.
That would be it for today’s snippet! Come back next week to find out even more about the new maps!

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