Hello everyone!
Surprise! A filler to the previous Dev Friday comes out early, as a result of missing some crucial info for the last snippet. Because of that, we’d like to update everyone on what is to come in ‘Sierra Update’ in Snippet 1!

First of all, we’re adding new structures. They are all connected with one certain infrastructure. Please welcome the railway network coming to ‘Sierra Nevada’!
With this update, player will be able to construct Railways. Railway improvement costs 20 Iron to build and takes 12 days to build. It serves a purpose for the train, which will be able to carry goods quickly from one side of the map to the other. It’s useful to construct in the late stage of the game.

Stations are also a new improvement in the game. It costs 20 Planks and 10 Stone and takes 20 days to build. The train can stop there to unload the transported Resources. It will be useful in places which are in serious need of the resources quickly.

With that said, we’re adding Resources distribution. Now, every territory will have its own set of Resources. If it runs out of certain Resource, it will have to be transported in. The transportation can be done either by the Trader or the Train. For the Resources management, everything has to taken into consideration – it includes things as Food, where the distribution will need to be done right among the Workers in certain territory. Because of that, the amount of Units in certain territories will show on the Territory UI from now on, as well as the detailed consumption of Resources in each.

We are also adding a new Resource – Coal. Coal can be Mined from the Mine, additionally to all the resources you already can get there.

With all those things.. Trains are added as a Unit! It costs 30 Iron to construct and takes 30 days to build. Consumes 1 Coal per tile travelled, however it is very fast and efficient in Resources carrying – carrying up to 2500 Resources at once, with proper railroad network it can restock all the territories at one go.

And that would be it for today’s Dev Friday’s filler! I do hope that you’ve realized today’s date. Have fun and see you tommorow in the actual Dev Friday!

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