DEV FRIDAY #16 – Sierra Update Snippet 1

Hello everyone!
Today we’re starting to share one of the last updates for Sierra Nevada. The time has finally come that the game is almost finished and we’re reaching the end. This time around, we have the Sierra Update. The West is massive and so is Sierra Nevada. There is so many places to end up in and so much to discover.. maybe you should give it a try and discover more?

This update will be focused on a development of maps and terrains, bringing more variety into the choices of environment. A lot of new maps will be released with this update. We should start with some…

Meadows will receive two brand new maps in addition to already existing ones: welcome Kearsarge Lakes and Mount Whitney!

Mount Whitney is a map with fair amount of lakes and mountain ranges. Among the medium lakes connected with rivers, there are large mountain ranges, spanning across the scattered plains. The only chance for flat terrain is in the valleys in between the mountains and among the rivers. It is pretty heavily forested in the Mountains and on the Hills, while the plains of the valley stay mainly empty. Mount Whitney is supposed to give a bit different feel than the previous maps, with clear boundaries between environments. It definitely varies from other maps.

Kearsarge Lakes is a map with large amount of lakes and very little mountain ranges, mainly based around the lakes. Lakes, independent as well as those connected with rivers are hidden in the mountains, which often surround the lake. Occasional plains are present, but they are not a common sight. The only chance to look for them is where the lakes get pretty far apart from each other. All the terrain is quite sparsely forested, with a little greater density of forests around the mountains. This map provides a different scenario, with little plains to maneuver on and large amount of often inaccessible or hardly accessible terrains. It definitely should pose a greater challenge than other maps.

That would be it for today’s snippet! Come back next week to find out what other maps and changes to the terrain we’ll add!

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