DEV FRIDAY #15 – Steaming West Update

Hello everyone!
Today, we’re releasing yet another update for ‘Sierra Nevada’ – the update is called The Steaming West! To buy the game, visit shop website: With the expansion to the West and developing technology, the West has to speed up! Now developed towns will have to upgrade. However – some natural disasters might cause trouble with that task…

Last time we’ve discussed the new events that can happen during the game. Today, we’ll talk about the new actions connected with it and some other additions, such as tutorial and bugs fixing!

As we’ve already learnt, the buildings can get damaged to various means. Because of that, the Workers might need to repair it. A new ‘Repair‘ action was added to the Workers. Once a Worker is on a damaged tile, he can use some of the materials used to construct the building to repair it and make it functional again. This way, Workers need to work really hard and make sure they’re ready at minute’s notice.

Scouts also received a new action. If a Mine runs out of Gold reserves, they can go to the Mine and perform ‘Geological Research‘. This action, which costs 10 Iron, will cause Scouts to search through the Mine depleted from Resources and search for new ones, especially for new Gold. They will most likely find some, however with each search there will be less and less Gold found. It’s useful to do a few times and Scouts might be worth it, to search for more Resources!

We’ve also added a tutorial to the game. From now on, new players will be able to find out the basic rules about the game in earlier prepared map and learn the most important things there. It will definitely be useful for those who didn’t have a chance to learn the rules yet.

Some crucial bugs were also fixed. It included things like players being able to see the details of Wild Units and duplicated Towns names. All those issues were fixed in this update.

That’s it for today’s Dev Friday. Come back next week to find out more!

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