DEV FRIDAY #14 – Steaming West Update Snippet 1

Hello everyone! It is time for another Dev Friday and another game update announced. This time, coming next week on 19th February 2021 – Steaming West Update! With the expansion to the West and developing technology, the West has to speed up! Now developed towns will have to upgrade. However – some natural disasters might cause trouble with that task…

The Steaming West Update will be also one of the last updates to the game. Afterwards, some smaller expansions are possible, however they are not certain. The time will tell… Now, for the topic of today’s Dev Friday. Time to find out the details of the upcoming update!

In this update, we are adding a new feature called Events. Some very unfortunate events will happen in the Town from time to time. The causes might be different and it’s time to learn about them.

Any Building can be a subject to a Building Fire. It’s a very unlikely event that can happen to any building other than Town Hall. When it happens, the building becomes non-functional until it is fixed. To fix it, player has to use a Worker on the structure. It costs 30% of the original cost of the building to fix it.

Improvements can also be a subject to bad events. All Improvements can be a subject to Improvement Closedown. If there aren’t any Workers in it for too long, the Improvement will close down and dissapear. Structures cannot stand empty for longer than 28 days – it is unhealthy for their structure to stay unsupervised and not maintained! After that long, they will be closed and become unusable.

River Flooding can happen to Farms, especially if they are adjacent to Rivers or Lakes. The Farm can get flooded, lose its crops and become unusable. It requires Wood to fix the Farm so it can continue functioning. Workers can fix the structure.

Mineshaft Failure can happen only to Mines. The shaft can get buried under falling rocks or earthquake or other possible means. It can get quite tragic, and there’s a high chance some Workers might die. When the Mineshaft Failure happens, Workers will have to come around with Wood to fix the foundations of the improvement.
With the Mine, there is also another issue – sooner or later, the Mine can run out of gold reserves. When that happens, Gold cannot be mined in a certain Mine anymore. Player, however, can send Scouts to do a Geological Research in the Mine and find more Gold in that Mine. It will cost 10 Iron to do so.

Indians require peace and they want to remain undisturbed. That’s why, if you want to keep them around, you have to fulfill their needs. That includes not only a location among Mountains and Forests that they really desire, but they also need space. Hence, if you construct a structure next to their Reservation, there is a very high chance that they will leave the region. All Trades will stop and player will lose the additional prestige. Be aware of the consequences!

Looking at things, it can get quite dangerous in the Sierra. However, with the right mindset and proper management, you can far with your town and make sure that people won’t struggle under the tough conditions of the region. That will be it for today’s Dev Friday, see you next week to discuss all changes in this update!

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