DEV FRIDAY #13 – Native Lands Update

Hello everyone! We have Friday again! The wind from the west carries the sound of drums and rattles as the settlers arrive. They know, that they will have to peacefully appease the natives living in the region. They will have to do everything to maintain their presence in the Sierra. It is time for Native Lands Update!

Last time we’ve been discussing details of new trading mechanic and a new resource – Luxuries. Today we’ll complete the update notes by including the list of possible trades, details about a new action connected with Market building, as well as significant changes to the UI.

Player can trade with Towns and Indian Reservations. With Towns, player can trade standard Resources into Gold and vice versa. Sets of 8 individual Towns are available and some of them will randomly spawn at the beginning of the game after the player places down Town Hall. Town trades include stuff like 1 Gold for 10 Planks, 1 Gold for 6 Stone, 3 Gold for 9 Food, 1 Gold for 2 Iron and others, with other quantities and also turned around. With Indian Reservations, some of the standard trades are available, however there are also two additional trades possible: 3 Gold for 1 Luxuries and 9 Gold for 3 Luxuries. Luxuries cannot be traded back. Whenever an Indian Reservation is constructed, one of the reservations is randomly chosen from the set of 12 reservations with different trades available. Indian Reservations have only 2 trades possible, while Towns have 3. A trade of certain kind can only be done once at certain time, becoming further unavailable as long as the trade is open.

The new building – Market – allows a new action. The action called ‘Luxuries Export’ allows to export 100 Luxuries outside of Town. In exchange, player will receive 35 Gold and also 10 Prestige Points for that exchange. It can be done many times.

More important changes are for the user interface for the game. Certain smaller changes were made to the UI to make the player’s experience better. Some of the things included are:

  • added fullscreen option to the game,
  • added possibility to change the camera movement and zoom speed,
  • added possibility to end the game after certain amount of days,
  • added possibility to change the amount of starting Settlers in the town,
  • choosing a map from the map type menu will now show the picture of the map,
  • the map has a proper border constructed from the continuous tiles of the map, causing better look at the border of the map,
  • in the display, instead of the thousands player will now see it’s shortened version (for example “1.5K” instead of “1500”).

This is everything from the changes this week. Together with latest Dev Friday it makes up the whole update! Let us know what do you think about the new update and see you next Friday!

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