TALE TUESDAY #1 – First days

Hello everyone! Today is the first day of describing my adventure as a game designer and developer. I hope that this series will continue for quite a long time and it will take some time before I run out topics to talk about! It’s always good to have some more ideas for the future.
First, I’d like to invite everyone to possibly tip us. Even the smallest amounts, even as small as a price of a cup of coffee will help us move closer to the goal. The current goal is reaching $100 in donations to be able to post our video game ‘Sierra Nevada’ on Steam. It would be great if we could reach the goal in the near future!
Today, we will talk about the first days in the industry.

– Michael, how well do you know C#? Would you be able to create a game?

– I used to know C# quite well and I probably could make a game. What did you have in mind?

– I was thinking about creating a game, it’s on my mind for a long time. That’s a proposition, kinda.

That’s how it started – no fireworks, no cool effects. I’ve straight forward asked my friend Michael if he would be interested to make a video game.
In the past, we’ve been working in a modding team together, creating mods for some games we both played. When the team started dying out, I’ve asked Michael this simple question – Would you be able to create a game? Over 2,5 years later, we’re here, working on more and more titles together.

Creating my own video game was a dream of mine for a long time. It wasn’t really that-childhood-thing that everyone has, but it came up pretty early on. First thought of making my own video game came up back in 2011 while I was programming in C language. I was making small text games, which was the only way I could get around with it back then – after all, I was 10 years old. After that time, it became my dream to start making video games professionally one day, for everyone to see. I didn’t really know how, where and when to start. The closest I’ve came to creating my own game was modding, mainly for ‘Civilization’ series – that was a short period from 2016 to 2018. The dream was coming true later that year.
The conversation between me and Michael took place in August 2018. We’ve been discussing many details for long time. One of the things we needed was the first idea we’d like to create. It ended up on what seemed to be a simple enough idea – a game about growing your own company. Today, we know it as Market Dominion.

One of the things I did during ‘Market Dominion’ development was finding information on certain regions back in 1960 (when the game starts) – it was quite challenging, as only sources for USSR were in cyrillic which I couldn’t read back then. This exact task is how I learnt it.

Still in August, which was 4 months before announcing Iguana Mercenary at all, we’ve already started working on the game. We were very excited for our first game, which back then was known as ‘Entrepreneur’. We’ve been working hard in our free time, as it was additional part time activity. We didn’t have any experience nor knowledge, so we just kinda started doing it as we thought would be best. We wouldn’t discover for a long time how inefficient and unskilled were we. But the realization would come with time. Everyone gains more and more experience over time. The first days were spent working hard on the game design and all the mechanics that would be behind it. The idea for the game was coming together. Ideas changed over the times, however the general concept of the game stayed. The work had to start soon.

To be continued…

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