DEV FRIDAY #12 – Native Lands Update Snippet 1

Hello everyone! It is Friday again and it’s time to publish another Dev Friday! Today we’ll be discussing a new update that is coming to the game next week. This time around, players will get yet another challenge to properly manage the Native Lands… Continue reading to find out more!

The main component of this update will be a new mechanic – trading. With the latest addition of territories, players have clearly defined sphere of influence which can expand over time. Some of the areas might be unavailable due to them being sold to the federal government. However, some are occupied from the start. In game, players now will find several neighbouring Towns, quietly growing in their own appointed land. They will not interfere with player’s moves and they will be a general addition to the surroundings. In each game, there will be a total of 1 to 4 Towns. They do not expand in territory and player will be able to trade with them for various Resources for Gold. To trade, player needs to construct a Market and further recruit a Trader to be able to establish a trade route.

Market is a new building that player can build only once during the game. Costs 25 Planks and 10 Stone to build and takes 16 days to build. With expensive upkeep of 3 Gold a day and 5 Workers to function, it greatly increases storage capacity of all Resources and allows trading, as well as adds some Prestige Points.
To trade with other towns, players need to recruit a Trader. Trader is a cheap unit that takes 5 days to recruit and it allows the trade to happen. The amount of available trade routes slots is limited.

The new Towns are not the only source of trade. A new improvement was added to respect a minority already living in the region – Indian Reservation! For 30 Wood and 10 Rocks, in 10 days, in certain conditions, player can build and Indian Reservation. It will provide the Town with additional Prestige Points but also new trading possibilities. Watch out for places to build it! It requires to be constructed on Plains or Hills with Forest feature, adjacent to tiles with at least 3 features in total and 1 Mountain or Hill. It is also important to keep that clean from any adjacent Buildings or other Improvements. In exchange, the player will get some awesome deals from the inhabitants.

One of the things inhabitants from Indian Reservation will offer to the player in trades is a new resource – Luxuries. Luxuries can only be acquired from Indian Reservation trades. They are unique Resource and they grant additional Prestige Points. They further boost the popularity of the Town.

That would be it for today’s Dev Friday! The update will be released next week with further info on it. Stay tuned! We’ll be back next Friday.

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