A New Series of Articles

Hello everyone!

Today we do not have a new Dev Friday. Further ‘Sierra Nevada’ updates will continue next week normally. For new information about the upcoming update, you’ll have to wait until next Friday. Sorry for the inconvenience and stay patient!

There are some other news though. One of our developers, Paweł, has made an account on Ko-fi. Ko-fi is allows creators to add and promote their content and people can donate to the creators to help them out.

Iguana Mercenary now has their own account there as well! It is maintained by Paweł. He will start a new articles series there called Tale Tuesday. The series of articles will describe the details and stories from the game designing and developing part. It will become a more detailed look into the game development process. What will be mainly a Ko-fi exclusive series of articles will describe Iguana Mercenary and the processes behind each video game in greater details, hidden in the backstage.

The posts about game development and design will be posted every Tuesday. That form will be primarly exclusive to Ko‑fi and less binded to the current updates, like the Dev Friday series I’m writing for the Iguana Mercenary Team. Here, we’ll have Tale Tuesday, which will mainly be a form of story about certain things I went through or experienced as a game developer and designer. At times, additional posts will show up, such as reposted Dev Friday (if we have an important update) or other important news.

First article will be available on Ko-fi profile next Tuesday. Follow the profile to make sure you’ll see the updates. The profile is available here: https://ko-fi.com/paweuim

That would be it for today, see you on Tuesday and next Friday!

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