DEV FRIDAY #11 – Manifest Destiny Update

Hey everyone! Today we’re finally releasing a Manifest Destiny update! The newly acquired lands require proper management and not everything is up for grabs. However, act well and the federal government will recognize your town. Manifest Destiny has finally reached Sierra Nevada. Make sure to grow your town for as long as you can!

Last time we have introduced the territories mechanics in details. It’s quite complex and new mechanic limiting the player’s spread and growth until they deserve further growth and land appointed. With that update several new things came around.

We have added a new building: Bank. A Bank can be constructed only once. It requires 30 Planks and 20 Stone as well as 24 days to complete the construction. It allows several new functions, as well as increases Gold’s Storage Points. It also adds additional Prestige Points to the Town.

The Bank allows for two new functions: ‘Issue Gold Ducats‘ and ‘Pay Federal Taxes‘. Issuing gold ducats costs 30 Gold and units don’t consume Upkeep for 20 days. Paying federal taxes costs 15 Gold and for next 16 days, the upkeep of Buildings is 50% higher, however Prestige Points rise by 25%.

Also make sure to guard your bank, as the Bandits will try to steal the gold from your Bank! At times, the Terror of the West will come by and try and steal your Gold. If they succeed, they steal 25% of the Resources and they will run away.

We have also added two new actions for player units – one for all of them and the other one for military Units only.

Disband‘ action allows player to dismiss a unit and stop paying costs for its upkeep. However, because of that, it will be no longer available in use.
Patrol‘ action allows player to order a unit to go around from tile to tile until it’s interrupted and given a new order. It will go around protecting the tiles on its way.

Together with the latest update, it’s all about the new Manifest Destiny Update. Enjoy and wait for even more!

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