DEV FRIDAY #10 – Manifest Destiny Update Snippet 1

Hello everyone!

Today, we are introducing a new update snippet! The newly acquired lands require proper management and not everything is up for grabs. However, act well and the federal government will recognize your town. A manifest destiny will reach Sierra Nevada soon. Read more to find out what we’re adding!

In this update, we have added territories mechanics. Until now, a player could build anywhere. Now, it is limited to the plot of land player is awarded at the start of the game. Player starts with an 8×8 plot of land with Town Hall in the middle. Town Hall can still be placed wherever player pleases. All surrounding area is not available for the town construction. With growth and improving prestige, player can be awarded a new 4×4 plot of land, where player will be able to construct new things. This is the way the town grows. The more famous and prestigious the town is, more likely the new plot of land becomes.

What player receives is an unorganized land. It cannot be maintained properly. In order to build and develop the region, it needs to become a province. To do that, a player needs to follow a few steps. One of them is using a Territory Receival action.
Territory Receival is a new Scout action. When over an unorganized land in suitable location, it will allow the Scout to construct an Outpost. An Outpost takes 20 Wood and 15 Rocks to construct. It takes 8 days to be build. After construction, it grants 50 Storage Points for all Resources. It is used to turn an unorganized land into an organized province. However, it requires a Worker to be present in an Outpost for it to be organized, so a player will have to have that in mind. Once that is done, the territory turns into an organized territory and can be used for further development of the town.

This is also connected with possibility of selling such lands for Gold and merging those that are bordering each other, slightly increasing their value. With such management and possibilities, you can make your town even more prestigious and organized!

That’s it for today’s Dev Friday. We will have more next week!

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