DEV FRIDAY #8 – Sierra Nevada Release

Hello everyone! It is finally 22nd of January, the day of the release of Sierra Nevada! We’re happy to inform that as expected, the first early version has made it and it can be bought in Iguana Mercenary shop on The store page is available under this link: Check it out and get yourself a copy! Now, it is time to get into the last changes for that version.

A new improvement has been added to the game. It is a Fishing Hut! It is buildable on Rivers and adjacent to Lake tiles. It allows Workers to gather Crops. It might be less efficient than a Farm and fit less Workers, however it’s a good and cheaper alternative! With less Resources to spend and only 3 days to build, Fishing Hut can fit up to 5 Workers in it. A pretty addition to the game!

We have also added additional graphical asset: whenever a structure is under construction and it is not finished yet, the player will see a little construction site instead! With that small touch, player will be more likely to tell what he’s still waiting for and what has already been constructed.

We have also modified the screen with buildings details for Workshop. Workshop is quite complex building, where players can process Resources into various, different Resources. Now, whenever a Worker enters Workshop, the player will get a possibility to choose which Resource the Worker is creating. It can be independently modified for each Worker, maximizing output and efficiency.
The Town Hall statistics screen also help out the player, allowing to closely and in details monitor the Resources amount and the growth.

That is everything for this version! All we can do now is encoureage you to play the game and give us your crucial feedback, as well as wait for the upcoming updates. The next one will be there next Friday, released and presented in another Dev Friday. Stay tuned and once again, feel invited to visit the store page! Available at:

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