DEV FRIDAY #7 – Release Update Snippet 2

Hello everyone! It is time for another Dev Friday! It is second Snippet for the upcoming Release Update, which will be followed by one more update in the day of the release. It is coming in a week, so watch out for it! Today we’ll be covering slightly more technical and visual aspect of the upcoming changes, so it’s going to be slightly shorter, but the upcoming release should balance things out.

First topic for today is a new feature for Units: Actions.

An action allows Unit to do something unique for only that type of Unit, something no one else can achieve. There will be plenty of those in the game, however as of the release, the new, significant actions are:

  • Work: it is available for the Worker – it allows it to Work in any Building or Improvement and produce goods in there. Every Worker increases production on his own. He will disappear into the structure while working.
  • Salvage: it is available for the Worker – it allows it to scrap certain Terrain Feature for its Resources. That means that Forest can be scrapped for some Wood and Rocks Feature can be scrapped for some Rocks. Allows to quickly fill back required Resources.
  • Heal: it is available for the Doctor – it allows it to heal adjacent Units, so they can recover from the damages received in the combat. The action gets temporairly disabled after it is used.

We’ve been also giving finishing touches to the UI. We’ve improved windows for Units and Structures details, as well as added menu button in game. Also the menu itself has been made! It’s more of a visual to show rather than describe, so have some screenshots from the game!

As the last part, we’ve also worked out a game saving mechanic. Instead of system of saves, the game will simply save the latest game that player quit from. Players will be able to continue with their latest game by clicking “Continue” button in the main menu screen. This way, the most recent game is always there to quickly continue!

This is all for today’s Dev Friday. We hope you’ve enjoyed it and we’ll come with more information and the release next week!

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