DEV FRIDAY #6 – Release Update Snippet 1

Hello there! Today’s we’re starting a series of Snippets for the Release Update for Sierra Nevada! After we’re done, in two weeks, the game will be released and available for purchase in its first early versions. We have a lot to talk about and we will start today from a lot of new things! Let’s jump right into it!

The last update brought us Units – a new mechanic, which allows the player to directly control what’s happening on a map and in his town. We’ve added very little Units, however… in this update, we’ve added more! Now, the player will be available to use one of the following Units in his town:

Militia: armed Unit, very good for protecting the Town and Town structures. It will protect the town and make sure everything is at its finest. Takes between 5-8 days to train. Upkeep costs are between 2 and 3 Food a day per Unit.

Cowboy: armed Unit, good for protecting the Town and very fast – much faster than regular Units. The symbol of the wild west, which will surely make a change! Takes between 4-7 days to train. Upkeep costs are between 2 and 3 Food a day per Unit.

Doctor: support Unit, great by a side of Militia or Cowboy. It has a special ability to Health other Units that were damaged in fight. Takes 5 days to train and upkeep cost is 1 Food a day.

Militia and Cowboy are quite unique Units. They can be made in different sizes. The bigger the size, the stronger the Unit, but also more expensive. Player will be able to tell the difference between them by a different size of the model, as well as the usage of slightly different Unit emblem. They will be distinguishable by those factors.
With that also comes an indicator when Units are damaged. Other than a Health bar which indicates how damaged the Unit is, the models also change! As the Unit gets damaged, there will be less Militia and Cowboys in the group, giving a visual change to the Unit.

The game also received other group of Units now. Not controlled by a player, living in the deep forest of the Sierra, there are certain Wild Units that try and stop player from growing, attacking his Town. When you settle your Town, watch out for the following:

Wolves: Wild Unit hiding in the local Forests. Mainly attacking in groups, they can get aggressive when a player gets too close. It’s good to avoid them and make sure they don’t come too close to the town.

Bandits: Aggressive and dangerous Wild Unit. Fast and unpredictable, tends to attack the player, emerging from the Forest. Player has to watch out closely for them!

We are also adding another map! Apart from ‘South Sierra’ which player could visit already, we’re turning our attention to Tuolumne region – very green, flat meadows with generous amount of Lakes and Rivers and Mountains in the distance. It might not be the closest region to the Mountains hiding the precious Gold, but definitely most friendly for a construction of a Town. Take a look at that beautiful place!

That would be it for today’s Dev Friday. It was a lot to take in and we have more to show soon. Stay tuned, as we’re releasing the game soon!

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