DEV FRIDAY #5 – Units

Hello everyone! Today’s Dev Friday is slightly unique, as it coming up during New Year’s Eve. We hope, that everyone is doing well and looking forward on the upcoming 2021. Today’s Dev Friday will be like any other, but it might appear slightly shorter due to the smaller update we’ve made. Let’s jump right into the topic, of long waited Units!

In this build, the game received its first interation of Units. Units can move around on player’s demand and do certain actions that were assigned to them. In Development Build 4, there are only two Units:

Worker: Made from a group of 5 Settlers, its main purpose is to help constructing buildings and work in them when they’re finished. They’re helpful for collecting the resources and for production of other resources. Workers will find their use in various Buildings and Improvements, boosting the Town’s stability, growth and gains.

Scout: Made from a group of 3 Settlers, its main purpose is to scout the surrounding area of the Town. It will be useful to find and fight off Wolves and other wild animals and protect the Town outskirts!

We’ve also added a UI to control the units. From now on, in the left bottom corner, whenever a unit is selected, a special window will show up! It will show the Health, Strength and Movement Speed of the Unit, as well as the details of a tile it’s currently standing on. Some Actions will also be available for some of the Units. For example, a Worker will have an Action to start working in a Building or an Improvement or will have an Action to salvage the Forest or Rocks it’s currently standing on. Buildings and Improvements received a very similar UI, showing all needed details about certain building.

That would be it for today – even though the update was short, we do expect to bring you more next week. The release date is coming and we’ll soon find even more interesting features. See you soon in yet another Dev Friday!

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