DEV FRIDAY #4 – Buildings (Upgrade Snippet 2)

Hello everyone! In the christmas spirit, it is time for yet another Dev Friday. Treat it as our christmas gift for you – an update on ‘Sierra Nevada’. Today, we’re going to talk about Buildings – second part of the current development build. Similar to Improvements, but they’re used by the Town directly. They provide housing, workplaces to process earlier gathered materials and they give other possibilities. Currently, there are 4 Buildings available in the game:

Town Hall: One time Building that a player starts with. Can be placed on the beginning of the game anywhere on the Plains without any additional features. It gets constructed immediately and costs 0.5 Gold of Upkeep a day.

House: Constructable Building for Housing purposes, can be placed on normal Plains or Rivers. Costs 15 Planks and 5 Stone and takes 12 days to build. Provides player with additional Settlers capacity.

Workshop: Constructable Building that produces processed Resources from gathered Resources. Producting Planks, Stone, Iron and Gold, it is allowed to be placed on normal Plains or Rivers. Costs 20 Planks and 15 Stone and takes 14 days to build. Its upkeep is 0.5 Food per Worker per Day. Minimum of 2 Workers are required, while a maximum of 10 can be found in one Workshop. Depending on player’s choice, one Worker will produce one of the following: 8 Planks, 5 Stone, 3 Iron or 3 Gold a Day.

General Store: Constructable Building that allows to produce Food out of Crops. It can be placed on normal Plains without additional features. Costs 15 Planks and 5 Stone and takes 8 days to build. Costs 0.5 Gold per Day for Upkeep. Minimum of 1 Worker is required, while a maximum of 5 can be found in one General Store. One Worker will produce 5 Food a Day.

It’s also good to mention that we’ve added first UI elements! There’s now a proper top bar, with all important elements. It contains the timer, which player can easily control and see the amount of days that have passed. There also is a list of resources and their current amount, together with it’s upper limit. On a right side, a little below the top bar, there is a side button for production. Once player clicks it, a big side menu will appear. In it, player can find different categories of production, which allow him to build his desired Structures. It also shows the cost of certain Structure. All in all, the UI is pretty simple.

That would be it for today! Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year! See you next Friday!

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