DEV FRIDAY #3 – Improvements (Update Snippet 1)

Hello everyone! It is time for yet another Dev Friday. Today we’ll be covering quite large topic of Improvements. Improvements are structures that the player can build on the map, to help and support their town. Placed on proper resources, the Workers from Improvements will gather resources for the player and store it in his global storage. Player will need the resources to maintain his town, so make sure to manage your Improvements properly!

In this version of the game, we have added the following Improvements:

Mine: with the construction cost of 10 Wood and 10 Rocks and 6 days to complete, it will provide the player with Rocks, Iron Ore and Gold Ore. However, it will require Workers! The more Workers player puts in, the more efficient a Mine will become. A Mine has to be placed on a Mountain, without Forests.

Farm: with the construction cost of 10 Wood and 5 Rocks and 6 days to complete, it provides the player with Crops. Crops can be used to produce Food, which is essential for the town. A Farm needs Workers the same way Mine needs them. Farms can be placed on Plains, but also on Rivers. They cannot have any Rocks or Forests though!

Sawmill: with the construction cost of 15 Wood and 6 days to complete, it provides the player with Wood. Wood is needed for other constructions, as well as to craft Planks. Sawmills require Workers on the same rules Farms and Mines do, and they need to be built on Plains or Hills with a Forest on them.

The three Improvements will surely help the player to grow his town and reach the desired size and fame!

Recently we’ve also released one of the music pieces, that are in Sierra Nevada OST. It has a great vibe of the peaceful, calming West. It’s good to give it a listen if you didn’t yet! You can find it here:

Today’s news from Dev Friday were only a Snippet of the Update. It means that not all of the features from the version were yet introduced and more will be mentioned in upcoming Dev Friday. This version was bigger than the previous ones, so we have more to talk about! Next week, we’ll finish talks about current update and move on further. Stay tuned for more!

To finish the article, we’d like to remind you that Market Dominion is 50% OFF until the end of the week. Get it now!

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