DEV FRIDAY #2 – Resources

Hello everyone! In today’s episode of ‘Dev Friday’ we will be covering next update for ‘Sierra Nevada’. In today’s ‘Dev Friday’ we have a second Development Build. That build was about Resources and their management. Read up more further in the article!

Also, we’d like to announce that ‘Market Dominion’ will be 50% OFF during the upcoming week! The Weeklong Deal starts on Monday 14th December at 10AM Pacific Time and will last till 21st December!

Now, back to the topic of Resources.

In ‘Sierra Nevada’ there is a total of 10 resources. Each resource is different and gathered in different ways. They are either Accessable or Crafted. If a resource is Accessable, then player can gather it from natural sources with the help of Workers. Crafted Resources need to be processed from Accessable Resources by the Workers in special Buildings.

We will talk more about Buildings and Gathering Sources in the next Dev Friday. Currently, the details are staying a mistery.

From Accessable Resources, the game offers:

  • Wood: basic Resource, used to construct basic Buildings. You can find it all around in the countless Sierra Forests.
  • Rocks: basic Resources, also used to construct basic Buildings. You can find them in the rocky mountains or sometimes scattered around the Plain.
  • Crops: used to produce Food, which sustains your Town and keeps Settlers alive. Very useful and required for the game to progress.
  • Iron Ore: can be used to smelt into Iron, which is used to create Weapons. Might get crucial in the late game.
  • Gold Ore: can be smelt into Gold, the symbol of Town’s Wealth. People back in the Town will really love it!

From each Accessable Resource, player can further make a Craftable Resource with the help of Workers in certain Buildings:

  • Planks: form of basic Resource, used to construct more advanced Town Buildings. Made from Wood.
  • Stone: made from Rocks, also used to construct more advanced Town Buildings.
  • Food: made from Crops, sustains the colony. It is crucial for the Town’s well being and reputation!
  • Iron: Smelted the right way and in the hands of the right people, it can turn into a deadly weapon, used to protect the Town Settlers and all the Workers.
  • Gold: That’s the very reason why the Settlers came down here in the first place! The town people will love it, as I said.

All Resources can be managed locally at the Buildings and player has a general view over them. It makes it all easy to manage and make sure the town is growing properly.

That’s it for today’s Dev Friday, make sure to come back for more next week!

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