DEV FRIDAY #1 – Sierra Nevada Terrain

Hello everyone! Welcome with the new series called ‘Dev Friday’! It will be a great replacement for its older sister ‘Dev Minutes’. We are finishing ‘Dev Minutes’ series to bring you a brand new one – Dev Friday.
‘Dev Friday’ is a series of notes from the development, similar to Dev Minutes, with the difference that this series will show up every Friday! So with every Friday coming, you should get ready for some new news and reading about our games!

In today’s, first episode we’re covering the first Development Build of ‘Sierra Nevada’ – Terrain Build!
This version includes a first preset map that players can use in their game. Its name is “South Sierra” and it’s supposed to represent the mountainous region of the Sierra with numerous amount of large valleys and small plains. You’ll find plenty of mountains and hills, but also quite a lot of forests. Among it all, in the valleys, small rivers run down to little, narrow lakes. I believe that it’s quite pretty map and definitely has a few good plains to start your game at!

The game introduces several terrain types:

  • Plains: flat terrain that can hold various player constructions, such as player’s town Buildings and some Improvements, such as Farms and Sawmills. It is a very good terrain type to develop your city on.
  • Hills: less useful, can be home for Sawmills. Good viewing points!
  • Mountains: high peaks of the Sierra, where the mines can be constructed and Gold collected! Definitely useful for your town to become the most famous town in the region.
  • Lakes: rare, narrow and limited, speeds up the travel if you have boats..
  • Rivers: going from the hills towards the lakes, useful for setting up small ports and sailing through the river. Certain Structures can be built on top of them!

This update also added basic map movement, such as moving around the map and zooming in and out of a map. We can gladly say, that the map is looking nicely!

That would be it for the news today. From now on, we’ll post some updates on ‘Sierra Nevada’ every Friday. So.. stay tuned till next Friday, we’ll definitely have more interesting stuff to show!

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