Hello everyone!
This post has more of an informational shape.

We have been away through the entirety of October, including September in case of the website. The team was away, but now we are returning and expecting some crucial changes!

During the last meeting, we’ve decided that our development strategy is not good enough. We are planning to change certain things and details in our inner work and organization. That will change how things are presented to the public. We want to be more efficient with our solutions and better organized. These new solutions will be adapted and tried out throughout the development of ‘Sierra Nevada’. We would love a feedback on our work once we get to that!

‘Sierra Nevada’ release date has been delayed due to the month long break we had. We still cannot predict when the game will reach its full version, however it is planned to see significant developments and updates in the Q1 of 2021. As of partial updates on week or two weeks basis, they should return by the end of November. For now, however, the accurate times cannot be determined and those are simply predictions.

​Even though ‘Market Dominion’ development is frozen, we are still planning things for the game. In the future, we do expect minor updates, as well as the DLCs (finally!). In our heads it’s just a plan that we want to complete one day, so the actual date of this happening is unknown, however it is out there. We are also expecting a huge discount soon, in a form of a weeklong deal. Grab it while you still can!

The website is currently a hot topic in Iguana Mercenary. We are planning to change the website’s design and purpose. We are hoping to attract grater traffic with certain changes and attract more people! We were also discussing the possible additions to our media, to document insides of our work better.

There are definitely things that need to be changed and we hope that we’re changing for better. We also believe in your feedback, it could be crucial for the proper development of Iguana Mercenary. We’re happy to be back and prepare you for more updates in a few weeks.
​Thanks for reading!

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