Hello everyone!
Today is the first anniversary of the release of ‘Market Dominion’! Because of that, we’ve got something special prepared for you!
Starting from now, you can play ‘Market Dominion’ in a brand new way…

The well-known game that has started the entire thing is now available as a board game! Meet with your friends and relax while playing this little indie, board game, based on ‘Market Dominion’. Collect Deal Power and grow your company! Whoever has the highest score by the end of the game – wins! You can play ‘Market Dominion: Board Edition’ completely for free.
​It is available for download on itch.io shop of Iguana Mercenary: iguanamercenary.itch.io/md-board-edition
The game supports singleplayer games with AI, but also supports multiplayer games in hot seat mode and multiplayer in the internet with your friends!

The game was created to celebrate the anniversary of ‘Market Dominion’. We are happy to deliever it!
Special thanks to Miles, who has done a great job on that development. I would also like to thank our translators.
That’s it for today, thank you all and get hyped for gameplay in Market Dominion in brand new edition!

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