Hello everyone!
Iguana Mercenary dev here!

I would like to announce, that we have created a new sub-team of Iguana Mercenary called Polarus and that the team has created its first game! The game was a part of a week challenge, where we challenged ourselves to create a game totally from scratch and on our own within a week. We succeeded – and while it might not be the best creation, it was still a fun experiment and we would like to invite you to play!

‘Figurama’ is a little arcade platformer game, where as a little square you have to pass through the worlds and beat the enemies. Make your way through and defeat the boss to win and become a master of shapes!

The game is free to download and available here: drive.google.com/drive/folders/1YvV184viPKl6DEpmIHwMGjUAKWzZIAdP?usp=sharing
​Test it out, share your experience and enjoy our week long experiment!

More about Polarus Team can be found in ‘About’ page of the website.

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