Hello everyone, devs here!
We are coming back with fresh ‘Dev Minutes’, where we would like to present something we were working on recently…
Read up more to find out what’s going on!

User Interface isn’t the worst, but it isn’t the best either. That’s why, following some feedback from players, we’ve decided to modernize the entire user interface a little. So far there isn’t much – recreating an entire UI takes time – but still, we’ve come up with something I am sure we can already present to the public!

​Main menu is pretty simple and at this point iconic. I definitely didn’t want to change that one too much! It was, however, getting crowded throughout our development process. Therefore, to free the space in the main menu, we have put all possible game types into one sub menu – game modes. From now on, singleplayer, tutorial, all possible DLCs scenarios, anything new about the game types you can play – will be available there. The menu was also put together in a way so you don’t get confused there. Plain, simple, easy – just how things should be!

This is the greatest change so far. Earlier, the options menu was… one big mess. It was all full and squashed together with no real categories seen. It does change in the UI TEST Update. Options are now categorized and each category includes some unique graphics upon setting, so it is a bit better and different! It is also easier to navigate around and more important options are bigger and easier to see than others.
The following options categories are now:

  • Video Settings (includes window type, resolution and language settings).
  • Audio Settings (includes general, music and effects audio settings).
  • Gameplay Settings (everything regarding the game itself: map mode, map movement speed, colours mode).
  • Controls Settings (everything about the controls).

There are some new changes to old mechanics. There are also some completely new, not yet implemented mechanics planned. Those things are:

  • add ability to set map scroll speed,
  • add ability to set movement hotkeys (right now it is not possible),
  • change hotkeys to the following:
    • “Speed Up” available with E (primary) and + (secondary) signs,
    • “Speed Down” available with Q (primary) and – (secondary) signs,
  • add ability to restore control’s settings to default.

All of those settings are supposed to help the player navigate more comfortably around the options and have more friendly interface environment.

Not many people watch credits.. but ours have changed! You can see new look of them here:

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