DEV MINUTES #12 – PATCH 1.03.1

Hello everyone! Devs here!
We have released a patch for ‘Spring Outbreak’ Update, version 1.03.1. It fixes several bugs that were present for several versions, as well as added another map type into the game.
​Read up for more information!

From now on, Terrain map type is introduced in the game. It is available in options the same way basic and fancy map are, being available at the end of the list. It has both, cycle and non-cycle versions. WARNING: It is recommended to do not switch on “Terrain” map type on old saves, as it might and probably will cause bugs and a game crash. Previous saves do not support mechanics for that map type, and saves that were made before 1.03. do not support map types at all.

Pause button mechanics were changed. Now it behaves like actual pause – the only way to change the game speed is to back again unpause the game. When you paused the game with spacebar, you unpause it the same way. It works similar with the button. From now on the button ‘memorizes’ the speed you have paused it on and unpauses on the speed you paused it on. Generally speaking – the button was improved!

​Another huge changes were in bugfixes. We’ve fixed several bugs that were in the game for several versions at this point. We have fixed the bug where state info window would show up with different windows, such as pause menu or specialists menu, what could cause bugs and further game crashes. We have also fixed a bug, where specialists window would get the sound bugged and play it over and over with every mouse click until you restart the game. We’ve also get rid of a bug which sometimes popped up within the game about the non-existing news reference, what would crash the game. We have also fixed the placement of the specialists window exit button – because aesthetics are at top important!

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