Big companies are prepared for various, hard moments… they expect economic crisis and always have emergency plan prepared… but are they ready for the unexpected outbreaks?

“Spring Outbreak” Update for Market Dominion is a huge update, including quite huge changes in events and map mechanics! This version, also known as 1.03. Update includes some interesting stuff you can read about in the next paragraph! There is also some more info at the end of the article, so stay tuned!

Map has changed! Until now, there was only one map type: the plain, very basic map. Now, there was another map type added. It looks a bit… different. Fancy, to be exact! You can see it yourself underneath.
Both of those map types also received a “cycled” version of it, where map slowly changes into more “darker” scenario. In total, there are 4 map types now, which you can set up in the options.

Events! Events have changed! Now, the game has almost 50 new events with new, unique theme. The events’ topics are mostly based around various epidemics and economic crisis that happened around the world throughout the time of the game. It also includes several smaller, social events, as well as some symbollic ones. The reasoning behind it is to put the player on more dangerous path, forcing him to always have a back up plan if something doesn’t go his way. In summary, game is more surprising now! Those events are also expected to raise awareness how some of the events might be destructive for humanity. Some of the events included are:

  • cholera pandemic,
  • Swine Flu pandemic,
  • COVID-19 pandemic,
  • Green New Deal,
  • 2008 Crisis,
  • Hong Kong Transfer,
  • series of events about population rise.

There were also several fixes of bugs, such as Colours Mode not saving properly. The option would restart when relaunching the game. it is now fixed and should work just fine.

We are participating in this week’s Weeklong Deal! Starting on March 23rd at 6AM PST (2PM CET) and lasting a week (until March 30th), there will be a 15% discount on the game, to celebrate the update and also encourage people to spend time at home. Market Dominion will be available for $6.79!
About spending time at home, we have also prepared an event for you! A small competition! More about it tommorow, so stay around!​

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