Hello everyone!
Recently we have asked you to expand on the game’s Gamepedia articles. We have joined the cause, and not only we expanded one of the articles that needed it the most, but also decided to tell about it in today’s Dev Minutes!
Read up to know more about Specialists.

“Specialists – a special system of teams of professionals that is supposed to help the player in Market Dominion.”
About Specialists themselves – there are 7 types of Specialists, each is unique for themselves:

  • Advertisers (Advertisers increase the speed at which your company’s popularity increases
  • as well as lowers the cost of State Operations for your company.​)
  • Aircraft Cargo Team (Aircraft Cargo Team increases the chance that your company will launch a free aircraft to a new state and start spreading there.​)
  • Headhunters (Headhunters search far and wide for the best talent. They reduce the cost of
  • upgrading the other Specialist teams.)
  • Mechanics Team (Mechanics Team lowers the chance of an aircraft or a ship crashing while heading to its destination. Also lowers the cost of sending an aircraft or a ship).
  • Negotiators (Negotiators help your company spread in states that have a different economic system than your starting one by lowering the negative modifier effect).
  • Ship Cargo Team (Ship Cargo Team increases the chance that your company will launch a free ship to a new state and and start spreading there).
  • Researchers (This team lowers the upgrade level requirements for all other Specialists by making research on all activities within your company).

Each Specialist has its own set of Upgrades. All Specialists have 3 tiers of upgrades (expect Researchers). Every Upgrade costs money and requires some level of experience. Different Upgrades give different, constant effects on the player’s company.
It is good to note that the effects DO NOT stack. When the tier III of Advertisers says ‘-30% State Operations Cost’ it means the actual cost minus those 30%.
All the effects are positive and constant, and do not go away. They can only be outnumbered by negative effects from other mechanics, such as events.

Specialists also have little rewards for limited time when reaching one of the rewarding levels. Those levels are respectitevly fourth, eighth and tenth ones.
The full list of time rewards is available on the Market Dominion Gamepedia:

​That would be it for today Dev Minutes, stay tuned for more!

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