Hello everyone! In today’s Dev Minutes we will cover the most recent changes we’ve implemented, for both DLCs and vanilla game. The colours mechanics, due to new, upcoming downloadable content had to be changed, and so we did in the last days. What exaclty is different?

Because of the Battle Royale mode, where up to 24 players are allowed, we needed a set of another 12 colours. That is a hard task to do – expand the palette to 24 colours – so we had to come up with some new colours to keep it together and well, as well as preserve as much contrast as possible. In the process we’ve changed several colours, mixed their order and got rid of some. Say hello to the new colours palette!
So many colours mean that there is quite a big mess on a map… it might be hard not only for normal players, but also for players who suffer from colour blindness. Colour blindness is not that rare, and as colours are important part of the game, we should have that in mind!
Presenting you – the new system of colours modes.

From now on, in game options, you will be able to pick your colours mode. There are Standard, Vision Defect and Deuteranomaly modes for now. “Standard” mode has just the standard palette. “Vision Defect” has the standard palette, but keeps the colour’s alpha changes to the minimum. As your percentage in the state grows, your colour becomes stronger. It is pretty accurate, updating pretty frequently, even more frequently than every percentage of share gain. This mode limits this very option, to just 3 values changing every 30%, causing the colour change to be much less accurate, but the map becomes more readable with similar colours, as well as it might be needed for your strategic needs. Some people might use it just because it suits them better. The last mode is for people with the type of colour blindness known as deuteranomaly. The palette is edited in a way, so they can see the differences in the colours that are way too close to each other in their shade, that their differences for people with deuteranomaly just doesn’t exist or is so insignificant it won’t help the player to recognize the difference. It also comes in with the same effect as Vision Defect has. It was customized, but not properly checked, as we do not have anyone who could test it out, but we have tried our best to help people with deuteranomaly to play the game as comfortable as possible!

We are also thinking about the special icon in the game’s UI, that would allow the player to see the exact percentages of his share in all the states he is in above the state, so he has more detailed info without detailed colouring changes – that should prove helpful for people playing in Vision Defect or Deuteranomaly mode.
All in all, we are paying attention to the colours available in game, and we hope to not only improve our efforts, but also expand them in the future!

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