Hello everyone! In today’s article we will cover several topics we were supposed to some time ago. It is all about new ideas for Iguana Mercenary.
One of the first ideas is a new series of articles, posted from time to time. It would be about developer’s thoughts on designing and creating video games, as well as some insight on what is he doing in his “job”. I think it would be an interesting way to put more info out about our games and also connect closer to people. Let us know what do you think on our Discord!
Another idea was Twitch streaming on how we develop, do game previews and similar. The only issues here that it would take time to set up and obviously we need content and people interested.

Now a bit more about ‘Global Rivalry’. It is supposed to come around in Q4 2019 with several new features we’ve already discussed or mentioned. The game will receive a discount when we release the update, so be ready to catch this good deal!
This article is a bit short, but in the next one we will cover some changes to the game in ‘Global Rivalry’ and explain some features in depths. Stay tuned!

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