Hello everyone! Devs here again!

Today we are covering the topic that is being updated from beta version to the full release – we are talking about a map. There are a lot of things that has changed, but we’ll cover the most important of them.
One of the things that has happened to most of the states was a little reshape. New shape of these states makes map at least a bit prettier. We worked on improving the details on a small resolution and tried to match the real borders as much as possible.
You can see one of the major changes in the New World, that is entire coast state gone. It was pretty hard to click on it, so it was removed.

Second change was done to the states that contain small islands. It was pretty difficult to click on them, so we have added a little bubble around to click on it! Now you can hover on the bubble and easily access the state information. At first, the bubble is invisible, but when you hover on it you will see it. As time passes and companies get here, the bubble will start to get visible. This bubble is used in a lot of states, like Carribean, Indonesia, Papua New-Guinea or Polynesia.

Probably the biggest or second biggest change is in Europe, but together with Soviet Union it is on the top. We got rid of small states that you could not click that easy and made the access really hard. In Europe, two main examples are West and East Berlin and Luxembourg (RIP friends). Next major change to Europe are Balkans. Balkans received a reshape greater than any other region of the world. Together with Switzerland and Austria, they received a major reshape. It simply looked… wrong. I mean, if I personally had to make fun of something in my game, that would be the Balkans in Beta version (mark my – Pawel’s – words). Back on track.

Other than (I think) successful reshape of Balkans, one more country in Europe received a big change – and that’s Soviet Union.
So, the Soviets were pretty weak in terms of Market Share. It didn’t have too much, it was also pretty massive and couldn’t compare with the number of states US has. Right now, there are 31 states in Soviet Union (almost as much as in the US) and their total Market Share is more balanced out with other big economies. The same balance in Market Share has happened to Australia and Japan, which were also weak.
Soviet Union also received new states. Caucasus was split into Georgia and Azerbaijan, Ukraine into Lviv and Kiev. Stalingrad lost some territory to newly created Krasnodar. Perm gave up parts of its territory to Nizhny Novgorod. Tuva received a major reshape. Great Steppe was divided up into all countries existing there today. Novosibirsk gave up its western half to Chelyabinsk. Siberia was divided into West Siberia and East Siberia and also gave up territory to Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk. And that would be pretty much all the changes there.

There are no further plans to change the map, we have a lot of other things to finish, but we believe this map will be much better and functional than the previous one!

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