Today we had a short interview with one of our beta testers, Pete. Pete was very excited for Market Dominion from the beginning and he was happy to start beta testing when beta came out, almost two weeks ago.

Interviewer: What is your experience with the Closed Beta so far?

Pete: So far the closed beta has been loads of fun, the game itself is simple and easy to learn, but really fun to play and once I picked it up I could not stop playing.

I: Is there something unique about your experience with beta?

P: Whilst there wasn’t much unique I did, I did keep on winning the game without much effort, once I realized how it is played. So I decided to start setting myself little challenges, like trying to get 60% or more Market Share within 25 years. My guess is that these little challenges I set will be a full part of the game as achievements, and truly can’t wait to 100% the game.

I: Do you feel the game is going the right way?

P: I feel like the game is going in a good direction, the developers team is dedicated to providing the players with the best possible experience and it’s clear that there is a lot of passion involved from the developers themselves.

I: Do you feel like the devs will create a good game out of it?

P: In my eyes the game is already good, though I can guarantee that the more polished and improved version that will get released soon will be even greater and loads of fun for all.

I: If you would have to suggest one thing to the devs, what would it be?

P: The game is great fun, but if given the oppurtinity to change one thing about the game it would likely be its complexity. The game so far is simple, but even though it may not be complicated, it is still great fun. With that said, I do like a bit of complexity in my games and can only hope that the devs add more features and tabs and different menus which I can use to control my corporate empire.

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