Is that… is that what I really think it is?
Hello everyone, my name is Paweł and we’re back with Dev Minutes, talking about how Market Dominion develops and its key features step by step. And today, we’re taking things from the end and talking about… victories types!

As seen above with the icons, there are 5 victory types. In each game you can have active only one of these. When the victory type is picked, the entire goal of the game is set around something. But what exactly?

On the image, starting from the left, are: Market Share, Custom Share, Collector, High Ground and King of the Hill victory types. We’ll go through each of them and describe them pretty carefully.

Market Share – standard victory type. To win, player has to control 60% of Worldwide Market Share.
Custom Share – similarly to Market Share, player has to control some percentage of Worldwide Market Share. What percentage player has to control – in this case – is set by the player himself, so he can decide on this upper limit.
Collector – whoever has more states under at least partial control, wins by the time end year is reached.
High Ground – whoever has more states dominated (player dominates a state when he controls more than 50% of its Market Share), wins the game by the time end year is reached.
King of the Hill – Target State is picked either randomly or by a player. Whoever has the highest Market Share in Target State, receives points daily. Who gets the most point by the time end year is reached, wins the game.

Yeah, about these…
Each victory is limited by the end year. So a game with Custom Share victory can end either when a given percentage is reached by someone or – if no one reached that percentage – end when an end year was reached. In that case, a player with the closest to the winning wins the game. You can also set end year to “none” and disable that feature completely, but in that moment Collector, High Ground and King of the Hill become completely useless. So the good idea might be adding some points or number of states limit that player could set by himself to make the victory conditions still worth it and add even more dynamics. That is actually not that bad idea… takes notes.

But what else do we have here?

So much is going on in the terms of development! I am not entirely sure what to describe next. There are though a lot of things to describe. One of the things I can spend a while talking about is Deal Power and Money.

These are the two “currencies” and wealth signs of your company you’ll have to watch carefully. While money is pretty obvious, the Deal Power concept might not be so clear. But from the beginning.
Player earns money through the Market Share they already own. If Market Share company owns grows, company’s money income will grow too. Company earns money each month. For money, you can buy State Operations, Specialists Upgrades and Share within states, but that is the topic for another day.
Deal Power determines how powerful your company is. Deal Power is earned through the Market Share already owned. Each state has different value and with that said – it can give different income for the Deal Power. Company earns Deal Power each 3 years. For Deal Power you can prioritize states over others and also buy Share within states.
The release is planned for the first week of July, and we hope to deliver you the best game possible. Let us know what you think about these mechanics! That’s it for today’s Dev Minutes, see you in the next ones!

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