Hello everyone, Paweł here! This is time for another Dev Minutes! We couldn’t post anything new as Beta was in progress, but now, we’re coming closer and closer to finishing the beta, which should be available for our testers this month!
Let’s jump right into the topic!

First, I’ve paid a lot of attention to main menu. In the past days I’ve set it up, making sure all features needed for beta are set up.

New Game screen has a bunch of things. First, you pick one of ten branches. Branch is a group of companies in specific topic, technology. This way, we have: Delivery branch, IT branch and so on. Each branch contains 12 (for now) companies: companies depend on the current branch. This way, we have: Sheep Worths for Supermarkets, Szadek for Delivery and LadaAvto for Cars! All companies have their equivalents, replacements in the real world. All 120 companies in the game are inspired by real companies from all around the world!

Player can also set how many players there are on a map. It can go from 2 up to 12 players. In singleplayer, all other players are AIs.
Begin year and end year can also be set. Standard begin year is 1960, standard end year is 2020. If game reaches end year without a winner, a player that met most of victory conditions, wins. Begin year can be changed maximum to 2000, end year can be set to “None” which means endless play. Although, have in mind that game is truly supported to year 2020 (last events happen at this time) – further, it all depends on your computer and experience with game.

Victory button lets player pick a type of victory. Currently, five victory types are planned:

  • Market Share (default) – whoever gets 60% Global Market Share, wins.
  • Custom Share – whoever gets set value of Global Market Share wins. Value is set by a player from 0% to 100%.
  • Collector – whoever affects more states by the end of the game, wins.
  • High Ground – whoever dominates more states by the end of the game, wins. Dominat a state means have more than 50% State Market Share within the state.
  • King of the Hill – whoever dominates Target State for the longest time by the end of the game, wins.

In game, there are several options (you can see pre-beta screenshot up on the right side). First, player can control timer with four buttons: pause, play, speed up and speed up x2. He can also access Help (Wiki about the game) and Main Menu from there. In the right bottom corner player can change map type he’s viewing. There are three map types: standard, political (shows government type) and states (shows states borders). Below these, there are four buttons for other stuff (starting from right): Statistics, Events, News and Specialists. All of them are very interesting features, but that’s the topic for another time…

Hopefully you liked today’s Dev Minutes! We could finally provide you with more information about the game!

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