Hey there! Today’s Dev Minutes will be a little different. We aren’t going to talk about something new we’ve worked on, we’re going to discuss older topic in details, and that is how Market Share in this game works. This also will be an episode with less images and more theory, so get ready for some reading!

State Share defines what percentage of a state company has in its direct influence. It is connected with Market Share (or older term Market Domination Percentage) which says how big percentage (part) of the whole market individual states hold.
Both State Share and Market Share are important for the player. The victory condition in Market Dominion is Market Share. Whatever the victorious Market Share value is set for, who first reaches this value, wins.
Example: Decisive Market Share is set to 60%. Whoever first reaches 60%, dominates the market and wins the game.
Decisive Market Share is that victorious value that player needs.

Having said that, behind Market Share there has to be some mechanics. There is: SIR-D-LUFT formula. SIR-D-LUFT stands for:

  • SIR: State Importance Rate,
  • D: Development (in a state),
  • L: Location,
  • U: Urbanization,
  • F: Forest,
  • T: Terrain.

State Importance Rate is a value, a modifier that varies depending on individual state’s importance. States that are more important for political, industrial and commercial lifes will receive higher modifier than other states.
Development within a state means the level of infrastructure and general development. There are six levels of State Development: Poor, Fine, Good, Very Good, Excellent, Unique. All of them respresent different values, Unique being the highest, the best, while Poor is the lowest – the worst. Unique is only given to Unique States – more explained later.
Location means where the state is on a map. Like in Development, there are a few levels of Location: starting from the worst Island, Oversea (Territory), Major Isle, Isolated Continent, Continent and ending on a Hub. Hubs are only given to Unique States.
Urbanization means the level of urbanization of a state, starting from Nothingness, Towns, all the way to Major Cities, Industrial Region and Agglomeration.
Forest says what forest density there is within a state. There are a few levels: the best for the player being None, Sparse, Forest, Jungle and Taiga at the end.
Terrain is the last important feature for states. It says what kind of terrain state has. It can be Glacier or Desert, but also Islands, Mountains, Hills or in the best case Plains.
These values all together create the Market Share for all 275 states in the game.
Unique States are states that are or were very important recently for different industries. We’re talking about places like Ruhr or Silicon Valley.
State Development, Loaction, Urbanization, Forest and Terrain, next to the Market Share, all are shown in the states info. You can read them to gain more information about the state itself and to work out the best possible strategy.

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