Iguana Mercenary is a small Polish-Canadian game development studio founded in January 2019 with it’s unofficial headquarters in Vancouver, BC, Canada. As of January 2019 it’s made up of two people: co-founders Paweł Wiecha and Michael O’Connell.
We have just went live, we don’t have much to show. We want to show you more, we aren’t prepared though.

Our first game will be announced soon. We are working on it all the time and we’re trying to put as much effort as possible. The game should be available upcoming Spring. We’re trying our best.

What’s next? Well, we are planning on another titles. There are many different ideas, mostly around indie genre with casual, strategy, sometimes adventure and simulation elements.

All in all, we have huge plans for the future. Hopefully, we’ll grow larger and we’ll be able to produce more great games.

Follow us and find out more about Iguana Mercenary:
Twitter: @imdevstudio
E-Mail Contact: iguanamercenary@gmail.com

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