Hello everyone! It is finally 22nd of January, the day of the release of Sierra Nevada! We’re happy to inform that as expected, the first early version has made it and it can be bought in Iguana Mercenary shop on itch.io. The store page is available here: https://iguanamercenary.itch.io/sierra-nevada.

Check it out and get yourself a copy! Now, it is time to get into the last changes for that version.

DEV FRIDAY #12 – Native Lands Update Snippet 1

Hello everyone! It is Friday again and it’s time to publish another Dev Friday! Today we’ll be discussing a new update that is coming to the game next week. This time around, players will get yet another challenge to properly manage the Native Lands… Continue reading to find out more!

A New Series of Articles

Hello everyone! Today we do not have a new Dev Friday. Further ‘Sierra Nevada’ updates will continue next week normally. For new information about the upcoming update, you’ll have to wait until next Friday. Sorry for the inconvenience and stay patient!

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