‘Cosmos Conquer’ is now available in Early Access and you can purchase it now on Steam for $7.99! The game is available on Windows and and for the week following the launch it will be 10% off. Get yourself your copy and let us know what do you think about the game! We expect to update the game pretty soon and slowly go towards the full release. Please have in mind that the game is in Early Access. It can be bought here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1814540/Cosmos_Conquer/

Tale Tuesday #29 – Common Questions About Game Dev #3

Hey everyone! After quite a break, it is finally time for another Tale Tuesday! Today, we’re going to respond to further questions you’ve had about game development in general. For now, we’re going to slightly detour from indie games and focus on the larger, commercial game development.

Dev Friday #50 – New Changes in the Upcoming Update

Hey everyone!We’re finally back with some more updates on ‘Cosmos Conquer’. I’m working on a new update with a lot of changes. It includes some interesting stuff, however we’ll not see a new Civilization Type – at least not in today’s Dev Friday!Stay tuned and see for yourself what I’ve prepared!

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